Satisfying meetings are not a matter of chance. Good process design and skilled facilitation are critical to success. As organisations integrate the lessons of social capital and emotional intelligence, the value of good facilition has been recognised. Sia's team of experienced facilitators works with clients, designing good processes and steering participants through to successful outcomes.
The Sia Group will guide you through the complex maze of strategic planning. Sia's strategic planning process is comprehensive and involves all key stakeholders in the organisation.
Sia's training focuses on knowledge, skill, attitude and ability to implement.
We have experience in Management, strategy, planning, research, people, communication, finance and marketing. We also deal in training, leadership development, team building, meeting facilitation, interpersonal process design, emotional intelligence skills, people dynamics, staff selection, recruitment, organisational development, enterprise, entrepreneurship, international marketing. Our modes of action include, consulting, training, coaching, facilitating and implemenatation.
Jane Williams, managing director of the Sia Group, is a business Studies graduate of Trinity College Dublin.